To Tempt An Alpha King


To Tempt An Alpha King

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‘We shouldn’t be doing this,” I moaned softly, my breath coming out in silent gasps every time his fingers tweaked my n*****s. ‘Why not?” A sadistic grin curved his sexy lips, his hands now edging closer to my inner thighs. He knew what he was doing, playing my body like a fiddle. ‘It is forbidden—,” What else I wanted to say was cut off when he started removing my red thong. Surely he was not about to do that deed, was he? Lost in the pleasure, I managed to speak out in pants, ”What are you doing?” “About to make you scream my name.” Then he bent down and let his tongue lap at my clit. That night, I screamed his name. A lot. *** Unmated, abused and the maid of a wicked mistress, Raya’s life is sad—that is, until she accidentally meets her mate, Valen. She is happy but there’s a catch. He is already betrothed to none other than her terrible mistress, Janna. Handsome as sin, alpha king, Valen Blackwood is a daredevil with a lethal dose of seduction. When his excessive whoring threatens to strip him of his position as the warrior alpha, he finally decides to claim his mate, the Lady Janna. Janna is all he could ever ask for in a woman- bold, beautiful and blonde. He should be glad, except that playboy Valen finds himself strangely attracted to someone else- his mate’s maid. Try as he might, he can’t control the dark desire stemming in him. He lusts after Raya’s curvy body. To possess and dominate her as he ruins her of her innocence. But that is forbidden, not when he is set to wed his future Luna. Torn between his heart and his head, will Valen be able to resist temptation and stay faithful to his betrothed? Or will he and Raya begin to have a sinful affair? After all, they say forbidden fruits taste the sweetest. THIS IS A SLOW-BURN WEREWOLF EROTIC ROMANCE NOVEL


  • Steamy Stories
  • dark
  • HE
  • curse
  • dominant
  • boss
  • werewolves
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