A Sickening Storm


A Sickening Storm

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Murder by Disease! Someone is infecting patients at the Beach City Medical Center with the world's most deadly diseases, and it's up to Dora and Missy to stay alive long enough to stop them. This suspense-filled dark medical mystery thriller will keep readers up at night wondering how many more innocent people have to die agonizing, gruesome deaths before Dora and Missy bring the killer to justice? And what will become of Beach City Medical Center, the barrier island's only hospital?Book 3 of the Dora Ellison Mystery Series is a murder mystery featuring a woman sleuth who is no ordinary private investigator. Dora’s brand of vigilante justice takes the reader on a suspense-filled journey that rivals those of Lee Child, John Sandford and Harlan Coben.Fans and lovers of Noir, Hard-Boiled and LGBT Detective Mysteries will love A Sickening Storm, a medical mystery in the acclaimed Dora Ellison Mystery Series!"absolutely gripping""kept me glued to the pages""gripping from start to finish""the mystery and stakes are high and well-woven"If you’re a fan of women sleuths like Eve Dallas and Lisbeth Salander, murder mysteries like James Patterson’s, crime fiction like the Lucas Davenport series by John Sandford, and the vigilante justice of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, you’ll love the Dora Ellison Mystery Series!]]>


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • adventure
  • murder
  • brave
  • mystery
  • female lead
  • detective
  • crime


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