He Died and Receive an Overpowered Tyrant System


He Died and Receive an Overpowered Tyrant System

Length: 23hrs 57mins 126 episodesCompleted
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Let me give you some random fact. Anybody can become a tyrant. Absolute power? Anyone wants it. You might want it. The problem is that you don't know how to get it. But the tyrant system do. Well this story follows a high-schooler man who got himself killed in a truck accident and transported in another world. He receive a system called Tyrant System that will help him become a tyrant in another world that also allows him to summon modern technology as help. By following the series of tactics and completing the quest of the system, you can become a tyrant.


  • Game
  • reincarnation/transmigration
  • heavy
  • straight
  • brilliant
  • male lead
  • magical world
  • kingdom building


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