Marking Territory


Marking Territory

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She was born in the season of death under the layers of hatred. It was said that the moon held nothing in front of her beauty but it was such a shame that she didn't survive. Or that's what they think. Eva was thrown in the woods in the dead of winter for nature to take her back. But nature had other plans for her. She was the daughter of the strongest being on the earth and was blessed with powers that matched the powers of the moon. She was the bastard child they thought they got rid of and she was okay with it until he came in front of her staking his claim on her very being. The one the Moon blessed her. She didn't want a mate and him being the one she can't use her powers on only made it worse. He didn't want her out of love he just wanted her to deliver his child, and for warming his bed, that's how it works in his society but he forgot that she wasn't a part of his world. She knew he was the King but he forgot that she was a self-made Queen. He wanted her because once a male finds his mate he can't get hard for another female. Warning!!! ~Mature Content~


  • Paranormal
  • dark
  • possessive
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • royalty/noble
  • king
  • queen


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