Rejected, My Jaded Love


Rejected, My Jaded Love

Length: 13hrs 29mins 101 episodesCompleted
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Jade is a plus-sized girl who gets rejected by the Beta of her pack on her 18th birthday when she can finally shift and finds out who her mate is. She was picked on by the kids at school, and fellow pack members, including her family, in the Howling Wolf pack. After finding out a devastating secret about herself, Jade leaves her pack brokenhearted. Jade then starts improving herself so when she goes back to her old pack to accept the rejection, she wants him to know that she has moved on with her life. When her former Alpha sees her again with such a large weight loss, he decided that he wants her to be his Luna, even though they are not mates, even to the point of k********g her. Will she find her second chance mate and get another chance at love in her new pack? When an incident happens that brings Jade and her first mate back around each other, will she change her mind and accept their bond? Or will Jade be rejected by both of her Goddess-given mates?


  • love-triangle
  • kidnap
  • second chance
  • werewolves
  • campus
  • supernatural
  • special ability
  • school
  • weak to strong
  • love at the first sight
  • Romance


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