Adventure in the World of Crimes


Adventure in the World of Crimes

Length: 36hrs 21mins 193 episodesCompleted
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Five top agents are assigned each to venture for a certain mission inside the cruel world of various crimes. Each has given a task where they will have to unveil the potential criminals of their assigned task requested by a sender and has to solve the problems and find the missing information to connect the dots. Each task will not be simple as they will also have to deal with disguises, codes, misery, betrayal, sorrows, and losses. Stories in order: Laura Simons/Agent Purple: AWC 1- Bridge (Completed) Warren Velmont/Agent Black: AWC II - Bridge II (Completed) Reign Flora Wilson/ Agent Gold: AWC III - Bridge III (Completed) Daniella Miller/Agent Brown: AWC IV - Bridge IV (Completed) Sean Jonathan Guillermo/Agent Indigo- AWC V- Bridge V (Completed) Dahlia Dawson/Agent Green- AWC VI- The End (Completed) The stories of each agent are related, but you can choose if you want to read only one agent's story or read the whole story.


  • Action
  • adventure
  • spy/agent
  • revenge
  • no-couple
  • mystery
  • genius
  • female lead
  • male lead
  • high-tech world
  • crime


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