Dark Silence


Dark Silence

Length: 18hrs 26mins 82 episodesCompleted
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Darnell turned his gaze to Casey, whom he was pressing firmly against the wall. Her hot breath scorched his palm which covered her mouth to not let her scream. Suddenly, a wave of short, blurry scenes swept over his mind. Darnell saw the images of removing his hand and passionately pressing his lips against Casey's with a breathtaking kiss. Then he pulled off her thin snow-white sweater. She was squeezing his waist tightly with her long slender legs, and he grabbed her under the hips. His inner demon woke up, reaching out to the pure emotions his owner was experiencing right now. He immediately suppressed Darnell's human part and occupied his body to participate in this little adventure. The demon slid his free hand under Casey's clothes and up her ivory hot skin not hidden under the lace of a bra. "Let's play in this mind movie of yours" he grinned, looking at the girl with bloody-red hungry eyes.


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • sensitive
  • drama
  • no-couple
  • loser
  • city
  • self discover
  • sentinel and guide
  • supernatural
  • lonely


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