My Birth Right


My Birth Right

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Nightmares had been invading Lilith's dreams keeping her restless and seeing things. Her best friend Cathy convinced her to see a witch about the nightmares, and questions that she might have, the witch accidentally released a protection spell that had been put on her when she was a little girl... I started walking the way she told me to go, and after a few minutes I finally came across the big doors she told me about. I stepped up to them ready to push them open, but they opened by themselves, I soon came to find out that two men had opened them from the other side and stood guard. There was soft music playing in the room, so I headed in, as soon as I saw the opening and the people in the middle of the room I realized where I was… this was the place from my dreams. I gasped and started to panic, was I in another nightmare? I haven’t had one in close to two months, this is different though, it’s never happened this way before. I walked more until I came to stand right below the balcony of the second floor and everyone turned to look at me, they moved out of the way creating a walkway, just like in the dream, three men started walking towards me. When I looked at the man in the middle all of my memories suddenly rushed back, I remember everything.


  • Fantasy
  • fated
  • brave
  • confident
  • mystery
  • mythology
  • magical world
  • supernatural


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