An Innocent Seduction


An Innocent Seduction

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COMPLETE. I pulled her towards me while grabbing her shirt collar . She got startled by this and looked at me with her widden scared eyes . Her tears brimming eyes looked at me horrified. "I don't wanna listen any of your excuses . Keep all your fake shit with your self. And by the end of the day ,I want this file perfectly clean in new prints on my table." I said in a deadly clam voice. "Am I clear ?" I yelled on her and shook her by still holding her from her collar. Her few shirt buttons broke down giving me perfect view of her exposed milky chest . I pushed her and she stumbled and fell on the floor. Her whole face was completely red , her clothes get disheavel from wrong places, and all credit goes to me. Tears started flowing from her eyes as she was looking here and there on the floor, like she is trying to sort out if all this happening is real or not. f**k!! I know she is on her edge now. ••••••••• Laksh Malhotra - An arrogant handsome young billionaire. He doesn't like people who cannot stand for their own selves, but lost his heart for the innocent angle Aashirya. But he never behaves around her like a gentlemen does. He always scares her by invading her personal space as a result she always end up being victim of his anger. Aashirya Sharma- A sweet innocent girl who loves everyone around her . She is just like a beautiful angle . But she did survive with lots of demons around her, Coz she never knew that the devil ,aka Laksh Malhotra , was always her saviour in this selfish world, who always tried to take Advantage of her innocence.


  • possessive
  • family
  • fated
  • opposites attract
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • childhood crush
  • self discover
  • Romance


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