If Only he Loved Me Too


If Only he Loved Me Too

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Erika Price or Mrs. Erika Price has been married to Dimitri Price for almost four years now, they weren't the happy, madly in love kind of the couple. no! they are exactly the opposite. not the unhealthy, abusive kind of couple either, they are just not a couple at all. Married on legal papers for their own selfish reasons and living a lie is a type of couple they are. finally not being able to continue with this Erika asks for a divorce, seeing that this marriage was going nowhere, thinking Dimitri shares the same thoughts but what if she is wrong, what if Dimitri doesn't want a divorce, doesn't want to let her go but doesn't want to give in either.


  • possessive
  • contract marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • CEO
  • maffia
  • bxg
  • Romance


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