Demon War: Rise of the Alpha (The Doctor Series Book 3)


Demon War: Rise of the Alpha (The Doctor Series Book 3)

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“What if I said that I didn’t care? That I still wanted you?” Wyatt watched her eyes and held his breath. How could he not want her? She was the person that had been made for him. She was born to be his. She shook her head and gave him a soft smile. “I’m still with him.” She lightly rubbed her stomach. “I’ve been marked by him and have chosen to be with him.” Alpha Wyatt Locke, son of Alpha Tyler and Luna Lilly Locke, had been hit with a heavy burden. His close family left him right after he took over as the Alpha. His sister was in danger and he couldn’t be there to protect her. In the midst of these changes, he was also rejected by his mate. Wyatt must continue on and rise up as the Alpha he needs to be. And maybe find the love he was always meant to have? All the while Leoric and the demons continue to mass for war. A prophetic battle is drawing near. Wyatt must rally the surrounding packs to be at the ready. He must learn to lead with faith, trust and love. The fight for balance is waging forward. Wyatt and his family will find out if they have the power to overcome the strength of the demons. This book follows after Dr. Luna and The Fairy's Forbidden Mate. It is book 3 but is written so that it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book. The main characters are learned in this book. You would be able to understand more character depth from the other books but it isn't necessary in order to enjoy this book :) Books in The Doctor series 1. Dr. Luna 2. The Fairy's Forbidden Mate 3. Demon War: Rise of the Alpha 4. The Vampires Promised Bride 5. Taming Her Beastly Mate


  • Fantasy
  • revenge
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • shifter
  • kickass heroine
  • prince
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • royal
  • magical world


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