His Perfect Wife


His Perfect Wife

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“That will be five million sixty thousand and fifty-two dollars. How will you like to pay, sir?” I speak with a clear voice, giving them a fake smile. So, you can spend almost six million on your girlfriend, but as your wife, I don’t even have the luxury to ask for only fifty grand. Mr. Rodrigue, you really amazed me. I see him looking at me blankly. Never thought of getting caught, hubby? “Excuse me, sir. How would you like to pay?” I ask, giving him another forced smile. “Babe, credit, right?” Linda asks him this time and with that, he hands me over his card. If it were me, hubby, would you have paid this six million unconditionally? Or would you have humiliated me in the public? I will never forgive you, Austin, for what you have done. Meet Valerie, an orphan who has a fatal disease. She didn’t have the money for treatment, and hence she thought of enjoying her last few years rather than crying over her fate. She made a wish list and one of them was to get married to the man she loved. But she never wanted him to fall for her in return. Why would she? It would only hurt him seeing her dying. Fate brought her the perfect chance when she accidentally met Austin, a cold businessman who hated her for several reasons. Valerie couldn’t resist the charm of this handsome billionaire, and she fell in love. In the end, they were tied in a forced marriage, just the way Valerie wanted. Will Austin fall for his forced wife? Will Valerie die after three years? Will he know about her secrets? To know more, please join the sweet and sour journey of Valerie and Austin. Book 2: Mafia's Forced Love (Free & Ongoing) Please check out Forbidden Soul and Dark Lord's Obsession. Cover made by @Ziellanes Dreame


  • billionaire
  • love after marriage
  • forced
  • arranged marriage
  • arrogant
  • dare to love and hate
  • CEO
  • maffia
  • drama
  • bxg
  • bxb
  • Romance


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