Deadly Gorgeous Beauty (Lionheart Queens)


Deadly Gorgeous Beauty (Lionheart Queens)

Length: 07hrs 39mins 45 episodesCompleted
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The future is dark my King. I see only death awaiting all the Vampires. Soon not a single one shall exist.the human seer first stated, delivering him the bad news. But...there is another way to ensure survival, the seer added before the Vampire King could lose hope, as her eyes turned whiter while she looked into the future. Sonia is apparently one of the girls in her family, born after every thousand years with unique powers;a gift given to her family a long time ago by some special being for some heroic act. But she does not use those powers and prefers to live an ordinary immortal life after being called a freak many times. That ordinary life of hers is shattered to pieces when she meets her soulmate, this Deadly Gorgeous Vampire Prince and Billionaire. His Presence turns her once ordinary life into a deadly life, full of danger everywhere and new powerful supernatural enemies emerging. Will she finally be forced to accepting her fated destiny as the Lionheart Queen.


  • Paranormal
  • billionaire
  • prince
  • royalty/noble
  • king
  • queen
  • beast
  • vampire


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