My Bestie's Ex (The Rooftop Crew Book 1)


My Bestie's Ex (The Rooftop Crew Book 1)

Length: 06hrs 19mins 37 episodesCompleted
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can’t borrow him. He’s not a sweater or a skirt. He’s not even her favorite dress—the lucky one she wears on first dates. The one she probably wore on her first date with him. In my defense, I didn’t know who he was. To me, he was a cool, calm, confident stranger. He was perfection for the entire hour and a half train ride while the concrete jungle turned into a rolling green landscape. To an outsider, we probably appeared more friends than hopeful lovers. But my blush came quickly, and his dimples indented with every smile. We definitely shared a spark of what could be. Too bad I didn’t know who he was before I fell for him, because he can’t be mine.


  • love-triangle
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • Romance


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