The God Game: Reborn of the First Player


The God Game: Reborn of the First Player

Length: 20hrs 31mins 117 episodesCompleted
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A players tournament. A player’s game. Does a reincarnated one, the people’s choice, have the courage to take the battle of playing the God Game? Kousuke Hayate was one among the five wild cards, five dead persons, and was the people’s choice. He still can’t believe that he will return into life. Reincarnated to Olympus, back into the play of God’s Game Kousuke Hayate comes face to face with his opponents and the assassins of his parents. As each vault Kousuke Hayate opened, the ultimate prize drew closer. If he survives and opens the last vault of the game, he believes he will understand everything.


  • Game
  • reincarnation/transmigration
  • system
  • no-couple
  • kicking
  • genius
  • game player
  • high-tech world
  • kingdom building
  • weak to strong


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