Crypton Academy : The Magical Stones


Crypton Academy : The Magical Stones

Length: 12hrs 13mins 67 episodesCompleted
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Antoria was a world of humans who capable of using magic from Gods and Goddesses. Ezekiel was forced to enter this world because of a strange event that happened to him in the mortal world. Upon Ezekiel's arrival in Antoria, he saw and witnessed different events that startled him. What would happen to Ezekiel in Antoria? What was the reason why he was brought in Antoria? Would he have been able to live if the world he had grown up with was different from Antoria? What if he will discover a secret in Antoria? What will be his decision? Let's take a tour and discover the world of Antoria and find out the secrets behind it. And let's meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Philippines!


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • badboy
  • twisted
  • bxb
  • mystery
  • supernatural
  • special ability
  • lonely
  • mxm


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