Under the Pyramids


Under the Pyramids

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Lovecraft wrote the text on commission for the owner of "Weird Tales." Harry Houdini, the famous escape artist, had a column in the magazine in 1924. Writers who contributed to the magazine created stories with him as the protagonist, and H.P. Lovecraft was chosen as the author for one of them. The writer received an outline of the scenario upon which he was to create the story. The story seemed credible to him, but when he learned that it was entirely fictional, he requested creative freedom regarding the extent of fantastical elements. Houdini was thrilled with the story. He and Lovecraft became friends. The famous magician even helped H.P. Lovecraft look for work in New York. The story was published under Houdini's name, with a changed title: "Imprisoned with the Pharaohs."]]>


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • adventure
  • mystery
  • supernatural


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