My Wife Hates Me Until I Become A Billionaire


My Wife Hates Me Until I Become A Billionaire

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"Paul, don’t… Oh gosh…" Soft pleading cries were coming from a young woman in a seafoam-colored dress on the sofa in a dark corner of a private lounge in Rock Box, a karaoke bar in Wimborne. Her head was lowered and her cheeks were flushed. Even so, she did not try to leave the arms of the man holding her. "It's okay. Floyd is a wimp; he won't do anything. Look at him. He's still staring at us like an idiot." Paul smirked and glanced at the young man with longish hair on the other sofa in amusement, all while continuing to grope the young woman on his lap. They were at the get-together for Class 1 of the Broadcasting major in Landow University's School of Communication. Simon Floyd had brought his girlfriend, Heidi Cobb, to the get-together in high spirits, only to walk right into his nightmare. His classmates were having the time of their lives singing and drinking, and yet he felt like he was on the verge of suffocation. Nothing felt worse than seeing another man steal his girl.


  • billionaire
  • revenge
  • second chance
  • twisted
  • kicking
  • faceslapping
  • harem
  • Romance


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