Length: 34hrs 24mins 153 episodesCompleted
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After running non-stop from monsters for years, unable to rest or take a break, Tatsumi dies a painful and unfulfilled death, then by a twisted and miraculous hand of fate his consciousness is shot back into the past before it all happened. Nobody knew exactly where they had come from in the first place; chaotic monsters, hell-bent on devouring every human in sight, it was humankind's great extinction, but now he has a chance to make a difference, even though the time he gets to prepare is hilariously short, how will he do it, with the knowledge that he possesses, can he make a difference? Can he save anyone? Can he find out why it happened on his second chance, can he actually survive this?


  • Action
  • adventure
  • dark
  • tragedy
  • male lead
  • apocalypse
  • horror


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