Can't Hold My Peace Forever


Can't Hold My Peace Forever

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Mirabella Amherst, the CEO of her real estate company, will finally be married to the man she loves. On the wedding day, someone unexpectedly ruined the moment that made the man's religious and homophobic parents back out from the union. But, it turned out that she hadn't even met the woman who claimed that they were lovers for a long time and showed pictures as proof. With a ruined life and reputation, revenge is the only thing in Mirabella's mind towards Zefra. Zefra Killian, an optimistic, soft-hearted but a badass ex-gangster and a college dropout who works three jobs a day to support her family's basic needs and her mother's medication since she doesn't know if who or where her father is. And, after being fired from her jobs, Zefra would take any tasks just to earn money and do a favor to the people who needed her help. What would happen with the retaliation that Mirabella is aiming for if Zefra becomes someone she'll be grateful for for the rest of her life? Will she ever find devotion? Or secrets? ******* "You broke me, and you claimed me yours not just once. So... I'm just gonna do the same thing. This is my revenge, Zefra. I'm going to make you mine." She said under her breath and traced her right thumb on my lips while sitting on my stomach. I breathed heavily, trying to think straight, and she slowly leaned down to kiss me. Oh, yes, please.


  • LGBT+
  • billionaire
  • revenge
  • dominant
  • CEO
  • heir/heiress
  • drama
  • gxg
  • offifice/work place
  • poor to rich


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