Shedding ROYAL Blood


Shedding ROYAL Blood

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The Royal Mughal Family had a centuries-old Tradition that only the third wife of the Emperor could bear him an Heir. And so every succeeding Emperor married twice just as a formality and then a third time for an Heir. Things turn nasty when Sultan Omar Khan chooses to make a reckless, strongheaded, courageous Amrit his second wife just to satisfy his ego and have a personal revenge knowing how it would ruin her life. But his stubbornness, his insecurity doesn't let him see anything else. ••• Women were born and bought up to do house chores, look pretty, pleasure men and to produce offspring. Some lived this hard life while some became the concubines of his Harem and enjoyed their lives. That's how Sultan Omar's Sultanate treated women. In an era where women were puppeted, controlled, exploited, oppressed, moral-policed and punished for every little offense, Amrit is determined to live her life on her own terms until the Sultan puts his eyes on her. And suddenly everything is different. ••• "What do you want Sultan?" I asked with tears. "Your Majesty shouldn't be in my room now. Your lawfully wedded bride is waiting for you." "Don't you know what I want?" He asked, his hands moving on my shoulders in desire. "I want you to feel the same way as I feel for you Amrit. I want you to want me, to love me back passionately." "I've already submitted myself to you. What else?" I asked in a blank, emotionless voice. "Submission is not about authority or obedience Amrit; it is about a bond of love and respect. Say that you love me!" He commanded. "I want to hear you whisper my name softly as we make love. And to whimper in ecstacy as our bodies entwine. And to plead with my wanting, and pull me in your arms, and I say that we made love and not just gotten intimate.” ••• Join the Royal saga of a Sultan & a slave-girl... Filled with Love, hate, betrayal, conspiracies and more.


  • arrogant
  • warrior
  • royalty/noble
  • heavy
  • ambitious
  • slavery
  • male lead
  • soldier
  • swordsman/swordswoman
  • witchcraft
  • Romance


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