Dragon Street Series 1-Unfortunate Mates


Dragon Street Series 1-Unfortunate Mates

Length: 05hrs 21mins 47 episodesCompleted
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At seventeen, Meredith thought she had her life figured out until she found herself caught up in a wrangle between two brothers. It doesn't help that one is a dragon shifter and the other is a vampire. A red dragon mate, an unforgiving vampire hell-bent on making everyone's life miserable, a witch on a quest to get power for herself, a warlock with a sweet side, a pack of leopard shifters tormenting the small town she knew and not forgetting the undeniable truth of her being made-up magic. The innocent small town now is the realm of both pure and dark magic. One wrong move and Meredith could put the entire town in jeopardy.


  • Fantasy
  • weredragon
  • twisted
  • bxg


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