Archwizard (Troy Sanders Book 3)


Archwizard (Troy Sanders Book 3)

Length: 04hrs 59mins 38 episodesCompleted
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Wizards and mages are thought to be the only groups of magicians that existed. But there’s actually a lost group that provides the link between them; the Archwizards. They have returned and this time will stop at nothing to subdue the world of magic. It's up to Troy and the defenders to stop the anarchy that is becoming more inevitable by the second and at the same time prevent the world of magic from becoming exposed to the normals. All hell's about to break loose, deeply buried secrets about to come to light, the forgotten past about to clash with the present and the end of it all will shape not only the future of the magic community but that of the entire world as we know it. Troy has to go up against the most powerful foe he has ever faced yet, himself. Will he triumph or will the archwizard prove to be too much to handle?


  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • brave
  • witch/wizard
  • mystery
  • magical world
  • coming of age
  • secrets
  • self discover
  • witchcraft


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