Amelia’s Awakening


Amelia’s Awakening

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When Amelia started her foreign exchange program in Italy she never imagined everything that she knew to be true would be turned upside down. Soon after her arrival, she discovers that nothing she believed growing up was reality. She has to come to terms with this new world and how it relates to her. Amelia went to Italy as an aspiring artist with a bright future in the art world. She was the adopted daughter to lower, middle-class human parents. But soon after her arrival she learns that all the fantasy stories she grew up loving hold more truth than fantasy. Not only are these fantasies reality and the supernatural world exists, but she herself is the first hybrid to be born, half witch, half werewolf. Meeting her mate sets the wheel in motion for events predestine and written about in a long forgotten prophecy. A prophecy where Amelia herself must save the world as she knows it. How does Amelia handle this new world? What happens when she learns about the prophecy? Will she be strong enough to fight against evil she never knew existed? Will she accept this new life and world or put the fate of the world in someone else’s hands? Follow along and see how Amelia handles love, power and evil beyond what she ever knew existed. ~~~~ His fingers feel how wet my panties are and he groans, “look how wet you are for me love. You like the thought of me playing with you p*ssy don’t you? You want me to make you c*m.” His words have me in overdrive. He moves my panties to the side and glides his fingers along my wet slit until he pushes one finger inside me. I move my hips to meet his hand. He takes his finger out and I feel disappointed by the loss. He brings his finger to his mouth and licks and sucks it clean while looking in my eyes, “sorry love, I couldn’t wait to taste you, you are just as sweet as I imagined. Can I taste you more, can I make you c*m on my tongue and lick all your juices, making you writhe in pleasure?” “My body is all yours” I breathe out. He makes a noise that sounds like a growl from his chest that somehow makes me wetter. Recommend for 18+ sexual content (includes daddy kink, mild dom/sub, multiple sexual partners) violence and adult language


  • Fantasy
  • HE
  • fated
  • lighthearted
  • werewolves
  • pack


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