Claiming His Omega


Claiming His Omega

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Emma grabs the front of my pants and starts unbuttoning them as I pull my shirt up and off. Her hands slide around to my ass to work the material over my butt and I shiver, the electric shocks from the mate bond works its magic wherever Emma touches and she makes sure to touch as much skin as she can as she slides my pants down. Her legs are still wide open on either side of my hips and I don’t want to move. Her position as she undresses me looks incredibly erotic. For those that are smut sensitive the exit it that way---> For those that stick around....Bravely go forth my dear friends. 18+ Comedy romance, explicit smut, sexual situations, possible triggers, a lot of cursing and LGBT characters.


  • second chance
  • shifter
  • mate
  • bxg
  • humorous
  • bold
  • genius
  • werewolves
  • rejected
  • sassy
  • Romance


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