Our Loveless Marriage


Our Loveless Marriage

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“Why is it so hard for you to even try?! You are making me play this cruel game!” she sneered lowly. “I hate lying!” “Well, you just have to suck it up,” I told her. She let her arms fall, only to clench her hands into tight fists, like she was ready to punch me. For a second, I believed she might. “Why am I the only one having to suck it up?!” she asked. “Why can’t you give something in return?! Like going to the Bahamas and not abandoning me like some sad little wife, whose own husband can’t even stand to be with her for one second longer than he has to?!” I walked closer to her, ready to tell her that there was a big difference about us spending time together because we had to and because we chose to, but then I heard voices coming closer and instead I wrapped my arms around Megan pulling her against me, before turning us and pressing her up against the counter. “What are you-“ But she didn’t get to finish the sentence, before I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. We hadn’t kissed before. She hadn’t let me at the wedding, and instead turned her head in the last second, so I kissed her cheek. Now she had no chance to prepare, and I claimed her lips in a hard and hungry kiss, that made her completely melt into me, and gave me a chance to deepen it, letting my tongue slide into her mouth and tangle with hers. Damn she had a sweetness to her. It was twirled together with the chocolate cake she had eaten and the small glass of red wine. She let out this soft moan too, just before the doors opened and in came a drunk and laughing Miss Johnson. Megan the second daughter of the Johnson's family and the daughter of a billionaire and probably the family's last hope to redeem themselves, ends up through an arranged marriage tied to a family friend's son, Nathan, who wants nothing to do with her and uses her only to get back into his family's good grace. Megan gets sucked into Nathan's plans, in hopes to make the marriage easier for the both of them, but it is a hard mission to smile and nod and act all in love, because hopefully if you act happy, then one day you might be. At least, that is the way Megan hopes to survive this awful business transaction that is her marriage. It doesn't help when feelings get involved, and Megan learns just how possessive Nathan can be once he calls something his. Maybe his hate is better than his love? Or maybe it is love, that scares Megan? And the thought of actually being cared for must only lead to a broken heart. Can the two of them really learn to be a real married couple or will they drive each other insane before the year is up? Which is when Nathan is certain his grandfather will name him his successor of his company and empire, instead of his older brother. *Book One*


  • contract marriage
  • powerful
  • confident
  • billionairess
  • bxg
  • heavy
  • icy
  • realistic earth
  • betrayal
  • enimies to lovers
  • Romance


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