The Mafia's Good Girl(2-Books Boxed Set)


The Mafia's Good Girl(2-Books Boxed Set)

Length: 44hrs 49mins 175 episodesCompleted
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Book1:The Mafia's Good Girl Book2:The Mafia's Good Wife “Before we get on with our business, there’s a bit of a paperwork you’d need to sign,” Damon said suddenly. He took out a piece of paper and pushed it towards Violet. “What’s this?” she asked. “A written agreement for the price of our sale,” Damon replied. He said it so calmly and so nonchalantly, like he wasn’t buying a girl’s virginity for one million dollars. Violet swallowed hard and her eyes began to glaze over the words on that paper. The agreement was pretty self-explanatory. It basically stated that she’d agree to this sale of her virginity for the aforementioned price and that their signatures would seal the deal. Damon already signed his part and hers was left blank. Violet looked up to see Damon handing her a pen. She came into this room with the thought of backing out, but after reading the document, Violet had another change of heart. It was one million dollars. This was more money than she could ever see in her lifetime. One night compared to that would be minuscule. One could even argue that it was a bargain. So before she could change her mind again, Violet took the pen from Damon’s hand and signed her name on the dotted line. Right as the clock struck midnight that day, Violet Rose Carvey had just signed a deal with Damon Van Zandt, the devil in the flesh. * Warning: Mature content ahead. Enter at your own risk. *


  • billionaire
  • contract marriage
  • kidnap
  • opposites attract
  • dominant
  • maffia
  • bxg
  • enimies to lovers
  • Romance


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