Sold To The Alpha


Sold To The Alpha

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[ Strictly 18+. Contains dark, triggering stuff and sexual abuse.] He looks at me with a fierce look telling me I'm next. Aries takes threatening steps towards me and pulls me up by my hair. " I didn't do anything sweetheart but your mother here loves to provoke me. See , she called me a r*pist , it would be a disrespect if I don't prove her right , wouldn't it ?" he smirks looking at me as I begin hyperventilating. Every inch of me trembles in fear. Picking myself up , I try to run but the crowd doesnt give me a way out. " Please." I scream trying to run but they all just pushed me back towards the monster. Move." I yell slapping a lady. She stumbles back but more men pull me and throw me back towards Aries. " No escape , huh." he laughs as his hands travel to the zip of my dress. " No , please. Someone help me." I scream. " Don't struggle Aurora. Your little brother is watching us , I'm just trying to prove his momma right." Aries chuckles dumping me on the ground. " Leave me." I scream as he gets on top of me opening the buttons of his pants. --- He is the Wicked Alpha who only knows about heartbreaks when it comes to the topic of love. She is the mute little girl who has spent nearly her entire life in a cage with a brutal monster. What will happen when these two are brought together into a mate bond? What more has destiny in store for them? Read to find out! ♡


  • dark
  • love-triangle
  • fated
  • twisted
  • Romance


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