SHATTERED BY YOU(Sequel to Forsaken And Broken)


SHATTERED BY YOU(Sequel to Forsaken And Broken)

Length: 10hrs 02mins 48 episodesCompleted
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LGBTQ+—After Breaking Up With Ex Alex is unhappy in his life. But that's not what he is telling himself. [Sequel of Forsaken And Broken] It has been 4 years, and even though time can heal the deepest of wounds, Alex is still in pain. He can't find a way to move on. He can't move on from his past, his husband, and their contract marriage. No matter how hard he tries to live a happy life with his boyfriend, he can't forget Jasper, his husband. Finally, when one day he received an invitation to his sister's wedding, everything became clear. He knows that to move on he needs closure, and Jasper deserves one. So, with a clear mind, he went back to New York, to end things legally. But can he divorce Jasper? Will Jasper divorce him? What will happen when they will meet?


  • LGBT+
  • contract marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • decisive
  • CEO
  • drama
  • serious
  • realistic earth
  • first love
  • mxm
  • stubborn


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