The Alpha’s Mate


The Alpha’s Mate

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To him, she is his world.. his everything but to her he is nothing but a cruel old wolf. The mere thought of him brings chills running down her spine.. She was everything he wanted and to her he was everything that’d have her run for her dear life. She’s scared to death of him but little did she know he’s the last person she should be scared of, for she is his world, his little perfect world. And he’d do anything to protect her.. after all, she is his mate. SNEAK PEEK ;) He came towards me, arms stretched, before pressing me against him. “Mine.” He muttered possessively,burying his face in my neck inhaling deeply. My eyes were wide open as I stared ahead, my body unable to move, I was frozen. My eyes gazed at the door that seemed so far right now unable to blink, the tense back of his strong neck in my view, bluish veins protruded from his tan skin, there was something so terrifying animalistic about the way he held himself. “All mine.” He said, grabbing word against my skin. The scrape of his teeth against my soft skin awakening me from my paralyzed state. I trembled in his arms, desperately trying to get away and he let out a ferocious growl, angered by the attempt his mate made to escape his hold. He pulled out from my neck to be able to look at me, but kept his arms tightly around me. “Do not try to get away from me. You belong to me.” He said, his eyes darkening as he stared at me, before pressing me back into his chest. I am sorry if there’s any misspellings, wrong punctuation or grammatical errors.. I am only human :)


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • dark
  • possessive
  • age gap
  • mate
  • powerful
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • small town
  • brutal


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