The Queen of Rogues


The Queen of Rogues

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Amara White turned eighteen a few days ago, she is the daughter of two Alphas Mark and Clara White. They are one of the strongest and riches pack in the South of America, they have some of the riches lands and many warrior wolves, that are trained hard and known to be the best warriors in the South. The White Moon pack is feared by a lot. But today Amara is mad she looks at her parents who is bending the knee to the Blood Moon Pack, they did not even put up a fight! Lately the Blood Moon Pack have invaded the territories around the White Moon Pack and many packs gave up without even putting up a fight. The Blood Moon Pack is known for being fierce and are feared by all. "Bend the knee!" The Beta shouts at Amara White and the few warriors who are still standing with her. "I will never bend the knee to the likes of you!" Amara shouts back at them. The beta is the brother of the most feared Alpha Xavier Scott, Peter Scott looks at the young girl in front of him, she is about his age. Peter is also only eighteen and his brother Xavier Scott is twenty one, although they are young, they were trained by the best, their father who was a hero among werewolves. Xavier Scott took over the Blood Moon Pack after his father died at the hands of a hunter, before the hunter died at the hands of Xavier he told him that one of the packs in the South have paid him to kill Steven Scott their father. Xavier sworn to avenge his father's death and make all the packs in the south bend the knee before the Blood Moon Pack. Amara White thoughts got interrupted when Peter shouts at her again, "Bend the knee or be banished!" She looks at him and says, "I will rather become a rogue than bend the knee to you and your Alpha! He is not even here himself! So kiss my ass!"


  • Paranormal
  • family
  • badboy
  • badgirl
  • kickass heroine
  • brave
  • kicking
  • enimies to lovers
  • sassy
  • asexual
  • wild


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