Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate


Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate

Length: 18hrs 43mins 99 episodesCompleted
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Get ready for a heartwarming and thrilling tale of destiny and true love! Kiara Middleton, at just nine years old, is already a star among her peers. Blessed with beauty and intelligence, she seems to have it all. But beneath her confident facade, she faces bullying from her peers, a challenge she tries to overcome with grace. When Kiara accompanies her parents and triplet elder brothers to the crowning of the new twin alpha kings in the werewolf multiverse, her life takes an unexpected turn. Kayden and Jayden Wittmoore, the future alpha kings, have been searching for their Luna Queen since they turned eighteen, but with no success. They had almost given up hope until they lay their eyes on Kiara at their coronation. The only problem? She\'s just a nine-year-old pup, unable to feel the mate bond. As Kayden and Jayden face the ultimate test of patience, they are determined to wait for Kiara to come of age. But fate has other plans in store for them, and they find themselves embarking on a journey filled with challenges, obstacles, and sacrifices. Can they navigate the complexities of their unconventional situation and fulfill their destiny as leaders of the wolf population in the human and werewolf multiverse? Join Kiara, Kayden, and Jayden on an epic adventure as they navigate the world of werewolf politics, face their inner demons, and discover the true meaning of love in "Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate." This paranormal romance will captivate your heart, leaving you eagerly flipping through the pages to uncover what lies ahead. Don\'t miss out on this enchanting tale of soulmates, fate, and true love that will leave you breathless!


  • Paranormal
  • dark
  • HE
  • mystery
  • werewolves
  • another world


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