Murder of Crows


Murder of Crows

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Crow: Finding out I had a son had been a shock, but finding out he was hurt was like a blow from a closed fist. I was many things, but father material was not one of them. I didn’t want a family I never had. But that’s exactly what I got. And I had to step up for the little boy who had already been through so much. And then there was Chloe, the pretty nurse who my son couldn’t seem to spend a day without. With her blonde hair and no-no sense attitude, she was the kind of woman who made a man want to settle down. Maybe even a man like me. Chloe: They were strangers who had been thrust together, and it was pretty obvious that Crow, President of the Iron Riders was totally out of his comfort zone. He had no idea how to bring up a child. So when he asks me to help them, I can’t refuse him. I know he thinks I’m the kind of woman he wants in his son’s life but he doesn’t know me. And he sure as hell doesn’t know the darkness that will swallow us all if I am found here.


  • alpha
  • second chance
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • independent
  • bxg
  • biker
  • small town
  • crime
  • nurse
  • Romance


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