An Alpha for Hire


An Alpha for Hire

Length: 10hrs 39mins 71 episodesCompleted
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When his father died, Deni knew he’ll have to step into his shoes – take over the pack and lead. But there is only one problem…he is an Omega. And omegas don’t lead. Well as far as his pack is concerned, because for their pack to prosper and be blessed the goddess demands that an Olive Alpha be the leader of the pack. Deni was no Alpha, and his pack members were leaving one by one. And if he doesn’t do something there will be no one left – and the Olive pack will be no more. Thinking to save the pack, Deni’s friend comes up with a hare-brained plan that might be the stupidest thing Deni has ever heard or the very thing that could save their pack. Hire an Alpha. Not only hire one…but marry one in name only so the pack will have an Alpha to rule. But what Deni didn’t prepare for was their Alpha to be his mate… “But he is straight,” Deni told himself a million times. But that doesn’t stop his heart from beating fast, and his body from turning hot at the sight of him. What was he going to do? Especially with his upcoming heat, that he might have to share with his very straight fake husband and secret mate…


  • LGBT+
  • contract marriage
  • fated
  • mate
  • sweet
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • slow burn
  • mxm
  • turning gay


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