The Blacklisted Rogue


The Blacklisted Rogue

Length: 07hrs 23mins 51 episodesCompleted
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In order to save her brother and his human mate, 18 year old Sally takes the blame for a murder. She is cast out as a Rogue, a werewolf without a pack. Since she is considered a criminal, she ends up being registered on the blacklist. A Rogue on the blacklist can get killed on sight if they ever set foot on any pack territory ever again. When Sally gets captured by the feared Midnight Pack she meets Elijah, a disowned Gamma that turns out to be her mate. With Sally trapped in a cell, facing execution as a blacklisted Rogue, Elijah have to figure out a way for both of them to escape. Will he succeed when his Alpha had taken such an interest in Sally? And will they ever find a place to call home? Warning: this story contains triggering content such as domestic violence, SA and torture!


  • Fantasy
  • HE
  • fated
  • drama
  • werewolves
  • another world


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