Exits & Entrances


Exits & Entrances

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Life is full of Exits and Entrances... Some are beautiful, and some are bewildering. We may face circumstances that are beyond our control. What matters is how we choose to walk through them when they come. Follow Annalise and Oliver through many Exits & Entrances.1982She was determined to drive west until she found at least a sliver of blue sky. The persistent rain had decaffeinated everything. From the sky itself, to her hazel eyes that held nothing but a hollow gaze, the energy had long since been drained from it all. She was aware of the gray blanket that was weighing everything down, and knew she needed to be intentional about finding the sun today. Long drives could be good for the soul, and today was the day she would indulge in one.2022A full head of curly gray, unruly hair, lay against his left elbow that had sunk onto the top of the grand piano hours ago. His long, knotted fingers stretched out over the ivory keys that awaited his masterful touch. He'd not been able to leave behind the keys and the bench, not even for a beckoning night of sleep. This was the place where he'd spent so many beautiful hours with the love of his life.]]>


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