Rebel Moon (Sequel to Revolting)


Rebel Moon (Sequel to Revolting)

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There was a bit of a commotion at the door, and my eyes immediately went to the sound, my body tensed and ready, just in case. Sometimes it wasn’t always peaceful when a bunch of Alphas gathered together in the same place. A big man shouldered his way into the conference room. His energy and his mere presence was overwhelming. I’ve always favored a tall, dark and handsome man, and this alpha fit the bill. He stood as tall as Shane, but he was bigger and broader. His black hair was brushed carelessly away from his face and fell in waves to his collar. His brows were thick, dark and brooding over bright, hazel-green eyes. He had a proud, straight nose, and soft, sensual mouth. His face was angular, with high, sharp cheekbones, and a strong, firm jaw. In short, he was delicious. “Who is that?” I whispered to Shane. “Michael Bishop. New Alpha of the East Glade Pack.” Shane whispered back, without turning his head. I couldn’t take my eyes off from him. He lowered his massive body down into a chair right across the table from me, giving me a perfect view of him for the whole meeting. He met my gaze across the table. I felt his eyes travel over me slowly, taking my assessment. I felt my skin warm up everywhere his eyes touched. Finally, he met my eyes, with one perfect eyebrow arched. I could feel his eyes mocking me. He was beautiful, proud, confident and arrogant. Damn it was sexy. I refused to go all fan girl on him. He already knew what he was, and the overpowering effect he had on everyone in the room, male and female alike. I’m pretty sure even Nina had checked him out, and she was a happily mated and married woman. I straightened my shoulders and picked up the paperwork from the table, as if I were suddenly intensely interested in the agenda for the day. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of being one more drooling wolf at his feet. Not while he was watching, anyway.


  • LGBT+
  • fated
  • mate
  • beta
  • bxb
  • werewolves
  • male lead
  • pack
  • self discover
  • lonely
  • gorgeous


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