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Joy Madrid had a traumatic experience with her first lover. It was so bad that she suffered from clinical depression when he ended their 'relationship'. With the help of a renowned and handsome Psychiatrist, she slowly picked up the pieces of herself. In order to get over her trauma and accept her own sexuality they had to relive Joy's erotic fantasies. In the process, she began to form a special connection with her psychiatrist. Just when everything seemed going to the right direction between them, Joy learned about his secret. It drove her to say goodbye to him. She left without a trace. Joy decided to start all over again in a different place, far away from her previous life. She was no longer trapped into her past… or so she thought. Not until she met Hosea Garcia, an extremely handsome flight attendant. The attraction between them was palpable and it scared her. He was perfect on the outside but she knew his kind. He will push until he gets under her pants and when he gets tired of her he will leave. Joy promised herself that she will never become a man's 'victim' ever again. This time, she will take charge of her sexuality. This time, she will play by her own rules. Hosea Garcia will be allowed to taste her body but she will never give him her heart.


  • dark
  • sex
  • dominant
  • submissive
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • abuse
  • Romance


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