My Mysterious Neighbor


My Mysterious Neighbor

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“I know you saw something when you came to snoop around my yard kitten," He says, his voice low and deep. He has this wild look in his eyes that lets me know my neighbor is crazy. I feign indifference, " No I didn't see anything, I wasn't even in your yard." I lie confidently, its not like its a complete lie. "Tsk tsk you ain't the best lair you know." He speaks with a sinister smile plastered on his devilishly handsome face. Given the circumstances were different I would have been drooling over this devil of a man. "I wasn't..." He is quick to cut me off as he places his finger over my lips, not mistaking the sparks that ignite from that one single touch, an involuntary moan leaves my lips and his sinister smirk only widens. " Don't lie to me kitten cause after what you saw, I will either have to make you mine now or kill you. The choice is yours.” His words make me shiver. I should be scared but why I am turned on. ~ Ella Walters is a 24-year-old lawyer who lives next to a mysterious sexy man. After she shares a passionate kiss with her neighbor she develops this strange attraction toward him and she tries hard to fight it. She is keen on thinking he used some kind of drugs on her as she begins to experience strange things happening to her body. This only drives her to poke into his life. But what happens when he catches her watching his secret dangerous life. That's what gets Ella Walters in trouble. Trying to find out the strange thing about her sexy dangerous neighbor but what she finds out is way beyond expected. A secret so dark she couldn't even fathom it.


  • Fantasy
  • HE
  • opposites attract
  • bxg
  • kicking
  • werewolves
  • pack


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