Human Breed Mate


Human Breed Mate

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" I see you have a good night sleep" Miles suddenly came and hugged me from behind And kiss my neck as soon as he found me. I was a bit shock of what he did, but I enjoy his passion toward me. " You smell good baby" he whisper in my ear. " Mmm... One at a time?" I remind him as I feel his breath getting heavier. Without I expected he turned me around and lift me to the island table, and he hold my waist and stand in between my legs. I saw him with his black t-shirt and a sweat pants. his black hair was in messy style. How can He look good wearing anything? " I see someone taking a step further last night." he said in husky voice. " Did you sleep well?" I asked him as I wrapped my arms in his neck, making our distance close. I know from black colour below his eyes, he didn't sleep well, and thats would be my fault. " What do you think?" he said brushing his nose with mine. Oh God, he really turned me on. His voice, his scent, his skin, his looks.... I'm dying! " After last night, are you really ready for step 2? " he asked me, looking at my eyes. Step 2? I gulped. Our distance was close, I can feel his breath in my face, and I'm so nervous. " What is step 2?" I asked, not sure if that a good question. " I'll show you" he said as he looking at my lips. **** Ashley Lane an 18 years old girl who live among human, suddenly had to accept the reality that she is a werewolf. She never imagine that werewolf actually exist. Now she had to live among her kind and left her previous life behind, and accept Miles Reid as her mate. Miles Reid is a 26 years rich, good looking bachelor. A CEO and also Alpha of the River Moon Pack. He never expected that his mate is a human breed that just find out that werewolf is real! How her new life will be as a werewolf in a werewolf world? Will she be able to bond well with her mate? And what other intrigued that include the king of rough in the story? Chek it out to find out!


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • opposites attract
  • goodgirl
  • luna
  • tragedy
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • city


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