Rejected My Mate For Her


Rejected My Mate For Her

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As she was walking someone blocked her path, she looked up and found Luna, her eyes were red from all the crying she has been doing...“I will stand with my mate on this one, I hope that I never have to see you again too” she said and Taylor held back her tears as well and started walking… “you know Sophia was wrong” said Luna causing Taylor to stop and listen to what she has to say, “I am not the other woman in this story but you are… Ashton is my mate and I will one day earn my place in his heart, after today whatever feelings he had for you are gone… I just want you to know that you are just another villain in my love story” said Luna with her head held high… Taylor could tell that Luna was doing her best to sound confident, it was like she was convincing herself rather than Taylor, “I am the villain in your love story but Luna you are also the villain in mine” she said before going to her father’s car and driving away…


  • love-triangle
  • kickass heroine
  • prince
  • witch/wizard
  • mystery
  • royal
  • first love
  • rejected
  • love at the first sight
  • Romance


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