Avenging The Triplet Alphas


Avenging The Triplet Alphas

Length: 08hrs 56mins 65 episodesCompleted
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Arielle Myers thought she had found her fated mates. The triplet alphas in her pack treated her like a queen and promised to give her the perfect life as their luna. On the night of their mating ceremony, they rejected and banished her from the pack, pointing out that she was just a prank that went too far. Heartbroken, Arielle leaves the pack while pregnant with their baby. A year later, the triplets are told that without her, they won’t succeed their throne. What will happen when they sought out to her but the new mother, who now had alphas vying for her attention wasn’t in love with them anymore. She had planned her revenge for years, and it was about time she executed it.


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • HE
  • single mother
  • werewolves
  • pack


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