The Assassin's Billionaire Bodyguard


The Assassin's Billionaire Bodyguard

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Isabella Ruiz is a twenty-six-year-old brilliant risk analyst for the biggest technology security company in the world, Draxton Enterprises. By night, a ruthless assassin bent on eliminating sex offenders from the world as part of a collective of supremely trained women known as Bellona. Camden Torres is a thirty-eight-year-old billionaire CEO of Juggernaut, a security company specializing in providing security services to exclusive clientele all over the world. The rumor factory alleges he is also a mercenary for hire, providing contract services with his team to eliminate designated targets. When Cam Torres’ nineteen-year-old daughter Portia is caught up dating Isabella’s ex-boyfriend, a narcissistic thirty-year-old man with ties to the Russian Mafia, he asks Isabella for her help in keeping them apart. Cam’s plan is simple. Date the billionaire to convince his daughter Isabella is not behind her ex’s callous mistreatment of the younger woman. Isabella soon realizes dealing with a demanding wealthy man used to having his own way does not always blend with her lifestyle and soon their identities clash. Will their plan work or will it put them all in far more danger than any of them realized? Isabella is about to learn whether love and honesty can triumph over pain and secrets as she sets her sights on having it all while she fears losing everything.


  • billionaire
  • age gap
  • badgirl
  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • bxg
  • mercenary
  • city
  • bodyguard
  • Romance


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