Tripartite Trouble (Book 2 of three mates series)


Tripartite Trouble (Book 2 of three mates series)

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Elsie Mae Williams is...well in the simple term, a nerd. With her nose buried all the time in the books and an unhealthy obsession with nature, it wasn't a surprise she ended up in the middle of the forest as a scientist. Her job was simple, she had to discover new plants that can help the government discover the new, powerful drug. She was happy with her job as she didn't have to step out of her research lab, until one day her partner was found dead near the research station. Her request for a new partner was declined by the government and due to being the only researcher left, she set out in the wild to finish the mission herself. It wouldn't be that difficult to achieve, right? Wrong... She should end up finding the damn plant, instead, she found herself getting captured by the bunch of psychos calling themselves... Lycans? Throw in two sexy, walking sex gods and a sex goddess? With these three involved Elsie knew she is in trouble, pleasurable trouble, that is. Brandon, Calvin, and Destiny were having their time of life but with responsibilities falling on their shoulder, they need to find their Luna but nothing can prepare them for the little, sexy fireball human mate. *this is a stand-alone novel so you don't have to read the first one to understand everything, though it is preferred you read the first one before.* ⚠️: there are lots and I kid you not, lots of mature scenes in this book. So if you still choose to read it, prepare yourself but don't comment any shit like "why is there so much smut in this book" because you have been warned. Also, there will be minor mature content, nothing too traumatizing or triggering but still, be cautious as some people get triggered easily.


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