Cruel Husband 3


Cruel Husband 3

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I was a very jolly and Bubbly girl, I never cared about the world and what people think about me. Because Since childhood, I was very ambitious, I wanted everything in my life and for luxurious life, I was ready to pay any price. I made my world and start living in it. I was 19 when I started the business of marketing because I know how to sell products to needy people and guess what? I was the one who created the need for them, so they can come to me and I suggest companies to them so they can invest their money in those companies. I used to earn profit from both sides. Everything was running so good in my life but one day I bumped into the biggest mistake of my life, I used to curse him a lot, I abused him, even I gave his name to my boxing bag and whenever I get time, I used to take out all my anger on that boxing bag. But later I realized that meeting Aryan was already written in my destiny. Because of Aryan, I got the chance to meet my Devil husband, my Hercules. He married me forcefully, he tortured me, he called me dirty names and after everything he has to, I fall in love with him. Since the beginning, I knew it is not easy to love my devil husband, but there was some gravity between me and Hercules that always pulled both of us together. He married me because of his sister, but later I realized that he has other reasons to marry. I start searching about the mysterious life of my husband and every day I find something new about him. But when I fell for Hercules, I completely erase him from my life. Well, everything is so complicated in my life so let me explain to you from the beginning. "I was the small-town girl, and like every girl, I also wanted to make my own identity. The hunger for success and power made me completely blind. And one day I bumped into Aryan, he was a sweet, cute, handsome, bubbly, and very charming guy. We met in Udaipur, and there I hurt his ego. He forced me to sleep with him, he wasn't ready to leave me until I sleep with him. He started threatening me, and like every normal girl, I become scared. Well, I never planned to get married, nor I was ready to lose my virginity. My mom always said to me: One day you'll fall in love with someone, or someone falls in love with you. And when that will happens you'll automatically start believing in love and marriage. And deep inside my heart, my mom's words made a little home of hopes. That's the big reason why I never wanted to lose my virginity but As I already said: Destiny has different plans for me, With time and my obsession with success made I forget everything. I thought if I gave my purity to Aryan, he'll leave my life and I can focus on my career easily so one day, I lose the most important thing of my life, my Virginity. I thought that Aryan will go out of my life but no, he starts living with me as my friend. After the first time, I never let him touch me again, I always wanted distance from him, I guess that nature of mine attracts him towards me more. Slowly I start liking him, I thought I got my love and one day I planned to propose to him but every dream of mine shattered in front of me. I was very hurt, but I don't have that much time to cry over Aryan. I planned to move on in my life. That was very easy for me because I was attracted to Aryan, I wasn't in love with him. Then I bumped into Arjun, the best friend of Aryan. Aryan played the most important role in my life, because of him my Hercules destroyed my life and snatched all the reasons for living from me. Then Hercules and Jerry come into my life, I don't know when they become the most important part of my life. Hercules Knight, my love, the man I love most in the whole world after my father of course, and Jerry William, the man who loves me the most in the whole world. My life is the gift of Jerry, it's Jerry who gave me a second life but for this gift, he asked me something and I can't say no to this............... Join my amazing journey, there are loads of twists, turns, and cliffhangers. The moment when you felt like, " I know what Will happens in the next chapters" you'll get the hard kick of twist.


  • billionaire
  • dark
  • possessive
  • love after marriage
  • manipulative
  • submissive
  • twisted
  • tortured
  • punishment
  • addiction
  • Romance


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