Tales of Revenants


Tales of Revenants

Length: 08hrs 38mins 50 episodesCompleted
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A hero who only wished for a world without war, Laken Fernandez was blighted by the Curse of Domination. He became the Bloodless Revenant and is driven by his fate to take away the blood of his victims sinfully fueling the azure flame that's scorching his right hand. Through a destined encounter with the third princess of the Skyhaven Kingdom, Luciella a half-elf, showed potential that she can wield the Shards of Creation protected by the Heavenly Heroes. These shards contain perpetual power beyond reasoning. As the crawling darkness crept the world into further ruination, Laken together with Luciella, he gathers his former party members, the Heartless Vampire, Voiceless Mechanoid, Soulless Dragonkin, Nameless Dullahan, Dreamless Faerie, and the Loveless Human to change the fate of the world.


  • Game
  • adventure
  • brave
  • drama
  • mage
  • swordsman/swordswoman
  • sword-and-sorcery
  • magical world
  • friendship
  • war


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