Fate To Love You, My Forbidden Mate


Fate To Love You, My Forbidden Mate

Length: 13hrs 39mins 123 episodesCompleted
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“I, Jacob Hale, will never accept your rejection, Scarlett Snow! You will remain my mate and Luna of the Emerald Pack!” Scarlett has been waiting for her mate for a long time, but when she finds him, her problem only gets worse. Because the mate she’s been waiting for a long time is the alpha of the Emerald Pack; Jacob Hale, her step-brother! In the beginning, Jacob’s love will be tested when all the alphas express a desire to get Scarlett and become their Luna. Add to this is the fact that Scarlett is the woman in prophecy... But Scarlett’s actual nightmare will start when Marga, the daughter of the strongest pack, kidnaps and attempt to murder her in order to get Jacob. And the only way for Scarlett to survive certain death was to let go of her secret... Both situations will put her in danger ... So what will Scarlett do to survive and return to Jacob? Let's all see ...


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • love-triangle
  • fated
  • mate
  • dominant
  • kickass heroine
  • luna
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • Forbidden


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