Alpha's Decision


Alpha's Decision

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Leo and Harper: I could feel Harper fighting at my back, we moved as if we were one, meant for each other, it was as if she knew what my next move would be, we were an extension of each other. I killed everyone who came in my way, rogue after rogue lay behind us. I fought knowing that Harper wouldn’t let anyone close to me, I was protected, by her and she by me. At last, we would be rid of the council, and she had helped me accomplish that, were Serena had fought against us, against me, her husband , Harper had fought with me, stood by me. I looked back and smiled at her, proud of my mate, she didn’t smile back, and I knew why. As soon as this fight was over, I was going back to my wife, a wife who betrayed me and our cause. I was leaving behind a mate for a women I didn’t care for, who I have come to hate, but I felt obligated to Serena and I didn’t know why, I couldn’t explain why, I just felt obligated to Serena, probably because I knew she was in love with me, I could never love her though. Rogue after rogue fell before us, behind us. I couldn’t help but think of the moment I first laid eyes on Harper. The fateful day that brought my mate into my life. Flashback 2 years: Leo’s POV: “There is not much of the pack left Alpha” my beta Luke walked towards me, “They have been obliterated, the Rogues were vicious, destroying everything before them” I gazed over the pack, they looked defeated, the survivors walking through our gate was all that was left of the Centurion Pack. My wolf, Drake, was unsettled, something was wrong, it literally felt as if he was pacing in my mind. ‘Would you calm the fuck down’ ‘Here, here, here’. I decided to ignore him and to just get on with taking in the new pack, helping them where I could. “How many survived” “About fifteen, and that is only because of one of their warriors, fought like a bloody demon, we only saw the last of the fight, when we arrived with our warriors the rogues ran off, but it was incredible” “I would like to meet this guy, maybe we can use him in our pack, do you think his loyalty can be shifted” I watched as Luke started laughing “What so funny” “I’m sure HER loyalty can be” Leo was good at managing, managing his pack, his life and his wife. The only thing he couldn't manage was her. Harper, his true mate. Harper joined Leo's pack when hers were destroyed, she found her mate already married, when she gets the chance she asks to leave his pack for Silver Moon, but Leo can't let her go. That is until one night. Harper leaves for Silver Moon Pack and meets someone else there, but Leo is now the one who is stalking her. Will he finally make his decision.


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • love-triangle
  • sex
  • fated
  • arranged marriage
  • kickass heroine
  • powerful
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • supernatural


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