Who is my Husband


Who is my Husband

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“You are getting married.” He then threw a white gown at her in a rush. “Put it on and let’s go.” “Wait? What? N-n-n-ow?” Kailee couldn’t believe the words coming out of her Uncle Fredericks mouth. .... “Is this my room?” She listened as the door closed. She couldn’t see anything but could hear his steps walk towards her. “Our room.” “Our room?” She heard the sound of metal landing on a table. His mask she assumed. Then she could hear the rustling sound of his clothes dropping onto the floor. An airy chuckle escaped his lips. “I didn’t just make you my wife for the sake of calling you, my wife. I expect us to act like husband and wife. And that includes your marital duties as one.” His voice dropped a bit at that last part. She could hear him step closer to her. “Am I not allowed to see you?” She took a timid step backwards from the stranger. The room was dark, and she couldn’t see. She had no clue where she was in relation to the room. “You’ll see me just like this at night.” She could now feel his breath fan against her as he stood right in front of her. She felt his hands reach out to her and land on her shoulders. She gulped a bit. “I-I-I don’t know how… I don’t know what I am doing.” She breathed out. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks as she felt embarrassed. At this moment she was glad the room was dark so that the evidence couldn’t be seen on her face. She felt his hand grab ahold of her gown, lifting it off of her effortlessly. She felt the cool air of the room beat against her bare skin. Her senses felt more heightened and she bit her bottom lip nervously. __ Kailee lost her parents at a young age and was forced to live with her uncle who claimed her parent's lands as his own. She was forced to live a meager life in only the attic of the huge estate. That all changed one day when her uncle told her she was getting married! And to her surprise, it was to the lord of Clover Estate. The man always wore a mask and no one knew what he looked like. This was the man she had to marry. Kailee will soon discover secret upon secrets as she sets out to discover who her husband is. But Kailee had her own secrets, she could speak with magical animals though she didn't know the reason why. And the reason may not be what you think... A dark force is also beginning to seep into the world. She must discover the cause of it and stop it before it is too late. What is this darkness? What is the meaning behind her gift? And who is her husband?


  • possessive
  • arranged marriage
  • kickass heroine
  • prince
  • princess
  • royalty/noble
  • bxg
  • magical world
  • secrets
  • self discover
  • Romance


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