Revenge, Rejection and Regrets


Revenge, Rejection and Regrets

Length: 13hrs 18mins 74 episodesCompleted
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Prince Leroy, first out of the five prince’s of the Dicaprio’s and heir to the throne doesn’t believe in love. His relationship with Kimberly, his betrothed, is strictly political. He has no feelings for her but is willing to walk down the aisle with her for power. Things take a new turn when he meets Zelda, the tall blonde that was the new palace maid. Finding out Zelda was not who she claimed to be made him resentful. What he didn’t know was that a greater shock awaited him when he finally finds out his whole life had been a lie. He had to find a way to correct his wrongs or live the rest of his life in regrets. ** “You don’t fool me, ” Prince Leroy scrutinized the new maid from head to toe “I’m a lot of things, but foolish isn’t one of them, ” he sneered, taking another step closer to her. Zelda swallowed hard. How long did she really think she was going to keep up the façade? She had come here with only one aim; to avenge her father’s death, why was she falling madly in love with the number one person she was supposed to hate? “Tell me, who are you Zelda? or is it Princess Zelda?” Anger flashed before his eyes, but Zelda couldn’t find her voice, not with him standing so close to her.


  • billionaire
  • revenge
  • alpha
  • arrogant
  • kickass heroine
  • prince
  • drama
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • royal
  • Romance


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